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"Thank you for making the pains go away! You are the best and I appreciate you so much. Keep doing what you do! " – Julie M.

"Sean loved seeing you today!!! He was glad to find someone that could help him out!!!"

– Angela C.

" I came to Action Chirorpactic and Dr. Christensen experencing headaches, back pain, trouble sleeping and fatigue after an auto accident in November of 2015. I was also having poor motor skills. Now I have energy to accomplish my daily activities, I feel great and no headaches. I would recommend Action Chiropractic and Dr. Christensen to anyone!"

-Jason K.


"Extemely professional and friendly staff. A "Results Orientated Wellness Center" in my opinion. I have went from extreme lower back pain to almost non existent discomfort in a very short time. They offer Chiropractic, Massage, decompression, teaching needed exercises and I'm sure more things I don't know about! I highly recommend Action Chiropractic if you need to feel better quickly! -Michael E.

"Thank you for taking good care of my family. After our accident, the last thing we needed was added stress. You cared for us in a slow and compassionate way. My son, 1 1/2 years old at the time of treatment, was apprehensive of clinics, but you cured him of that."

- Ana D.

Treating adults and children and reducing stress

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Providing professional care to alleviate pain

"He is the best chiropractor in Thurston County!  I’m thankful for finding his office." – Shane E.

"Action Chiropractic is fantastic, unlike many other chiropractors that I’ve been to over the years. His adjustments just seem to 'stick' and keep me feeling well long after I’ve left the office." – Brett L.

"After my accident I had constant pain in that took the enjoyment out of doing the things I loved. Now I am able to enjopy the activites I love doing without constant pain. It still amazes me how getting Chiropractic care can do so much for your body. You come in for one thing and get cured of it plus others that you might not have realized you were suffering from. It makes your whole body work in harmony the way it's supposed to!" -Luke F.

"I feel like family anytime I walk into the office. Ginger is the first to greet me and Dr. Christensen always makes me feel so much better walking out! His adjustments are simple but to the point. He will make you feel comfortable if this is your first time and explain to you how chiropractic works. I love Action Chiropractic & refuse to go to anyone else. Thank you guys for taking great care of me and always making my back feel 10x better! Go see them!

-Alicia G.

Expert services and lasting results

We love to hear from our patients who are enjoying pain relief. If you're ready to start the road to recovery, contact us today. You can count on us for professional services provided in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. New patients are always welcome.

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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression to eliminate pain

"My back hasn't felt this good in years! Spinal Decompression has made all the difference."

-Tim K.


"I was incredibly skeptical of chiropractic care in general, but unrelenting back pain from a herniated disc drove me into Doctor Christensen's office. I happily give credit for easing my suffering and getting me back on track. I had numbness in my foot, couldn't sit or stand for too long and could really barely get around. Dr. Christensen took great care of me and devised a strategy that has me out of pain and my back functioning again. No woo, no over prescription of treatment, just, spinal decompression therapy and related exercises with good follow up care. Thanks!"

- Joe P.

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