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Patient success stories continued.......

"I was hessitant at first, but the relief was immediate. I was experiencing low back and hip pain for years. I wasn't able to do a lot of the activities I enjoy like ride in a car for any distance......my issues are now manageable and have increased my enjoyment of activities I hadn't ben able to do." -Georgann M


"We love Action Chiropractic! Dr. Christensen and his team are awesome to work with and extremely accommodating. He knows his stuff, and was great to work with on building a realistic treatment plan that empowered me to further my own healing at home with various equipment and exercises. He's the best!" -Jill S.


"He is the best chiropractor around! But more than that, he is a wonderful person. So grateful for him!" -Lynn B.


"Dr Christensen is a wonderful chiropractor and his staff members are very welcoming and scheduling appointments had always been a breeze. They are very family friendly and incredibly fast which is great because I often have to bring my two children, both of which are under 3 years old, with me to my appointments. They always greet us with a smile and I leave feeling much better than when I walked in.  Plus, they give my older boy stickers when we leave which makes his day.  I would highly recommend!" -Brandie H.


"Me and my whole family have been seeing Dr Christensen for years now. He is very kind, caring, and works hard to fit you into the schedule when you have an urgent need. Highly recommend this office." -Spencer C.


"My favorite aspect of Action Chiropractic is how genuinely friendly everyone is. My first interaction was a desperate phone call in need of immediate pain relief. The staff was so nice and helpful and was able to get me in within hours. Dr. Christensen was quickly able to find my source of pain along with a path towards recovery, he has given me the resources I need to make myself better." -Katie N.


"I was in a car accident in December of 2017. After the accident I was unable work at all, couldn't sleep well, drive, bend, and could not relax without constant pain. Since having treaqtment with Dr. Christensen, I am pain free. Before my second treatment, my pain began to change from constant to less frequent. I have had extreme improvement since I started Chiropractic care. I can now sit, stand, drive and do the things I did before. I am confident I will be able to lift the same as I did before the accident. I am so glad I chose Action Chiropractic and Dr. Christensen. I believe in Chiropractic care & recommend it to everyone!"    - Jerry G.









"Great Chiropractor and a great office!!! I highly recommend Dr. Christensen!!!" -Cassie W


"We love Doctor C! He has helped me through multiple car accidents and really takes his time to listen and hear you." -Jess S.


"Dr. Christensen is an amazing chiropractor. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I send all my friends and family to him." -Ben L.


"I am going to action Chiropractic today! I know when I leave, I feel amazing!" -Ali R.


"I've had two failed back surgeries that's left me with a lot of pain and discomfort. I go to Action Chiropractic to see  Lois for massage therapy, after spending an hour with Lois I see Dr. Christensen who is then able to adjust me a lot easier and with a lot less pain. I'm able to walk out of the office a whole lot better then when I crawled in.  They have been there for me at every challenge I've gone through. I had total hip replacement surgery in April 2016, then had a lipoma removed from my knee/thigh area in November 2016 to having to have a revised hip surgery again in January 2017. I'm very thankful to the friendly staff at the front counter and on the phone for getting me an appointment to see

Dr. Christensen for my adjustment and Lois for my massage therapy. You guys are AWSOME!! Thank you so much for all that you do for me. You are keeping me up and walking."

-David S.


"I had always been hesitant about going to see a Chiropractor although after being in a whiplash accident a few months ago and seeing the team at Action Chiropractic I have been feeling much better and the pains are gradually going away.. I am very relieved that his system and techniques work so very well.. I also would like to tell everyone that all of the people at this office are the best.. The staff is so friendly .... oh and one more thing I have to tell everyone that i just started to get massage and it is amazing I could feel the difference with  massage immediately .. I highly recommend everyone to use this place if they have any types of injuries caused by an accident.. simply amazing.. "

-Reg B.




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